Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Brand Identity, Game Development, Narrative Writing


digital game
risograph flyers, 5"x8"
vinyl stickers, 1.5"x1.5"


Unsportsmanlike Conduct is a passion project that merges my love of storytelling and video games with the inherent homoeroticism of ice hockey.

In the game, you play as a hockey player in the fictional Transcendental Hockey League (THL) living out your childhood dreams. This includes winning a championship in your previous season with the Phantoms, the team that drafted you. However, things quickly change when you're traded mid-season to your division rivals, the Bloodhounds. Make new friends, form new rivalries, and develop relationships with your teammates—both new and old—as you aim for another playoff run and another championship title.

Character artwork by Lauren Johnson


  • press enter/return in order to continue after typing in inputs
  • click or press spacebar in order to advance dialogue
  • click back in order to reverse dialogue
  • player choices are shown in rectangles with rounded ends – click on a dialogue choice to advance
  • some choices will lead to different dialogue trees or impact character points, found under plus/minus
  • to view previous dialogue, click history
  • options such as text speed can be adjusted under settings


  • extract the folder
  • start the .exe after extraction.


  • extract the folder
  • start the app after extraction
  • you may receive a warning that the source is unknown, you should be able to right click and then click ‘open’ to get it to run
  • this link also explains how to launch it as well