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you receive a file from an unknown, yet strangely familiar digital presence who has been trying to reach you...

Unknown_Sender is a text-based game that showcases a conversation between myself a player character of my own creation. Players take on the role of me, Jayce, as they navigate through a short, choice-based dialogue.In many ways, this is a conversation with a part of myself.


  • click or press spacebar in order to advance dialogue
  • click back in order to reverse dialogue
  • player choices are shown in large white rectangles – click on a dialogue choice to advance
  • some choices will will result in the program forcefully quitting – this is intentional
  • to view previous dialogue, click history
  • options such as text speed can be adjusted under settings


  • extract the folder
  • start the .exe after extraction.


  • extract the folder
  • start the app after extraction
  • you may receive a warning that the source is unknown, you should be able to right click and then click ‘open’ to get it to run
  • this link also explains how to launch it as well