More Than Just Fiction

Publication, Worldbuilding, Prototype


print publication, 8 editions
8"x5", perfect bound


An 88-page collaborative reader designed alongside Abby Franks, Brenae Flournoy, and Charlie Casciano.

Each edition features a heavy cardstock cover, glossy inner pages, and perfect-bound by the team.

More Than Just Fiction features various sourced articles, excerpts, and imagery about the supernatural, extraterrestrial, and unexplained phenomena. It frames the fantastical in a more logical light, and seeks to prove the existence—or at least encourage further questioning—of the unknown.


A website designed as an extension of More Than Just Fiction, with the intention of existing in the real world. Designed and developed alongside Abby Franks, Brenae Flournoy, and Charlie Casciano.

Synchronicity (SYNCH), a research organization focused on providing evidence and seeking understanding for unexplained phenomena, was born out of the creation of More Than Just Fiction. An exercise branding, worldbuilding, and roleplay, the idea behind Synchronicity (SYNCH) was to create a fictional organization that would've been behind the original publication.

Drawing inspiration from think tanks and similar organizations, our team developed a working prototype of what their hypothetical website to further bring this organization to life. This site and publication would serve as a collaboration between our team and SYNCH in order to bring a more scientific awareness of the fantastical.