Exhibition Identity, Website, Publication

May 2022

physical exhibition
print catalogue, 80 editions
8.5"x11" 20lb paper, unbound


The identity for the 2022 VCUarts Graphic Design Senior Exhibition designed, developed, and organized alongside Christina Sande and Luis Quintanilla.

Ambrosia. A dessert with a unique and bold blend of ingredients that are delicious as a whole, we felt that this embodied the graphic design class of 2022. The assortment of glyphs found throughout are a visual representation of our own diverse identities as designers and creatives. Our personal Ambrosia.

The exhibition consists of a physical show, an online gallery, and risograph print publication. All corresponding materials and production done in-house by the GDES senior class divided into four teams—exhibition, promo, website, and catalogue. Website design and development led by Jayce Nguyen.